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Stalk Show Host Debunked Documentary | TV Series (2020– )

This is a true story based on the events of a Canadian actor who hosts a YouTube channel that exposes online dangers including sexual predators. After exposing one in particular in Brisbane, Australia, the Canadian actor suffers 10 long years of online defamation, stalking and many online crimes caused against him. For 10 long years…
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Warning to All, Stalking of Silvermanslim Members.

Due to our production series, “Stalk Show Host DEBUNKED”, that exposes online convicted pedophiles, fraud advocates etc, we have been getting word that those exposed in the series have been stalking our members. Please be aware of convicted pedophile John George Aster, His friend Mark W Mumma, Geraldine Phifer, Francesca Amatto Banfield, Rachel Rolston, and…
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The New Silvermanslim